(Message by Tanny Keng)

0. Introduction

a) The Bible Book Introductions are divided into 4 parts (Overview, Vital Statistics, Blueprint, Mega-themes) for easy-to-understand.

1. Blueprint

@1. God's judgment on Judah (1:1-45:5) 

i) The call of Jeremiah.

ii) Jeremiah condemns Judah for her sins,

iii) Jeremiah prophesies destruction.

iv) Jeremiah accuses Judah's leaders.

v) Restoration is promised.

vi) God's promised judgment arrives.

a) Jeremiah confronts many people with their sins; kings, false prophets, those at the temples, and those at the gates. A lack of response made Jeremiah wonder if he was doing any good at all. He often felt discouraged and sometimes bitter. To bring such gloomy messages to these people was a hard task. We too have a responsibility to bring this news to a fallen world. Although we may feel discouraged at the lack of response, we must press on to tell others about the consequences of sin and the hope that God offers. Those who tell people only what they want to hear are being unfaithful to God's message.

@2. God's judgment on the nations (46:1-52:34) 

i) Prophecies about foreign nations.

ii) The fall of Jerusalem.

a) Jeremiah lived to see many of his prophecies come true - most notably the fall of Jerusalem. The fulfillment of this and other prophecies against the foreign nations came as a result of sin. Those who refuse to confess their sin bring judgment upon themselves.

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