1. Introduction

a) The Bible is full of wonderful stories and special truth. What we want to do is to discover the Bible.  

b) Psalm 119:11 says, "Your word I have hidden in my heart, that I might not sin against You." 

c) Nurture and grow your understanding of the Bible as you read and discover the Bible.  

2. Outline:

a) Laws Concerning Offerings - Numbers 15:1-31.

b) The Stoning Of A Sabbath Breaker - Numbers 15:32-36.

c) Fringes On Garments - Numbers 15:37-41.

d) Korah's Rebellion - Numbers 16:1-40.

e) Ravages Of The Plague - Numbers 16:41-50.

f) Aaron's Rod - Numbers 17.

g) Provision For The Priests And Levites - Numbers 18:1-24.

h) The Heave Offering - Numbers 18:25-32.

i) Purification With Heifer Ashes - Numbers 19.

j) Miriam's Death - Numbers 20:1.

k) Water From The Rock - Numbers 20:2-21.

l) Aaron's Death - Numbers 20:22-29.

m) The Canaanites Attack - Numbers 21:1-3.

n) The Fiery Serpents - Numbers 21:4-9.

o) Detour Around Moab - Numbers 21:10-20.

p) Israel Conquers Foes - Numbers 21:21-35.

q) Note: Deuteronomy 2-3 summarizes the above material).

3.Major Place in Order:

a) Kadesh-Barnea, Moab, Mount Nebo.

4. Major People in Order:

a) Moses, Aaron, Korah, Balaam, Joshua.

5. Amount of Time Covered:

a) About 39 years.