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1. Bible Names Revealed

a) The Bible is an historic record of real people and places. Learn who's who, their relationships, and the meaning of their names.

2. Daughter

a) This word, besides its natural and proper sense, is used to designate:

i) A niece or any female descendant (Genesis 20:12; 24:48; 28:6).

ii) Women as natives of a place, or as professing the religion of a place; as, “the daughters of Zion” (Isaiah 3:16), “daughters of the Philistines” (2 Samuel 1:20).

iii) Small towns and villages lying around a city are its “daughters,” as related to the metropolis or mother city. Tyre is in this sense called the daughter of Sidon (Isaiah 23:12).

iv) The people of Jerusalem are spoken of as “the daughters of Zion” (Isaiah 37:22).

v) The daughters of a tree are its boughs (Genesis 49:22).

vi) The “daughters of music” (Ecclesiastes 12:4) are singing women.

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