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1. Bible Names Revealed

a) The Bible is an historic record of real people and places. Learn who's who, their relationships, and the meaning of their names.

2. Heifer

a) Hebrew: 'Eglah, (Deuteronomy 21:4, 6; Jeremiah 46:20).

i) Untrained to the yoke (Hosea 10:11); giving milk (Isaiah 7:21); ploughing (Judges 14:18); treading out grain (Jeremiah 50:11); unsubdued to the yoke an emblem of Judah (Isaiah 15:5; Jeremiah 48:34).

b) Hebrew: Parah (Genesis 41:2; Numbers 19:2).

i) Bearing the yoke (Hosea 4:16); “heifers of Bashan” (Amos 4:1), metaphorical for the voluptuous females of Samaria. The ordinance of sacrifice of the “red heifer” described in Numbers 19:1-10; compare Hebrews 9:13.

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