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1. Other nations

a) The Bible has many prophecies about other nations - countries other than Israel. These nations include Babylon, Tyre, Nineveh and Edom. These and other nations had tormented Israel in ancient times, by conquering the Holy Land, and forcing the Jews into exile and slavery. Many of these prophecies about other nations involve ancient nations and many were fulfilled in ancient times.

b) Bible prophecies are listed below.

2. Bible Prophecies

a) Tyre would lose its power over the sea. 

Zechariah 9:3-4 New International Version (NIV) 

Tyre has built herself a stronghold;
    she has heaped up silver like dust,
    and gold like the dirt of the streets.
But the Lord will take away her possessions
    and destroy her power on the sea,
    and she will be consumed by fire.

3. Written: Between 520 and 518 BC

In Zechariah 9:3-4, the prophet said that the Phoenician city of Tyre would lose its status as a powerful nation on the Mediterranean Sea. Today there is a city called Tyre that is either on, or near, the original Phoenician site. But this Tyre is a small city in modern-day Lebanon. It is certainly not the powerful nation that it was in the days of Zechariah.

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