(Message by Tanny Keng)

1. Utter A Prayer

a) God has established prayer as the means by which we receive his supernatural help. And without supernatural help, we cannot live a life worthy of the gospel. Everything that distinguishes Christians from the world in a Christlike way is a work of God’s supernatural grace. God has ordained that this grace flows to us through prayer.

b) Maybe you have never prayed to God yourself. Or maybe you’ve prayed for years, but have a hard time knowing why. Most of us sense the desire to pray, and even want to develop a better prayer life, but we don’t know what to pray for. 

c) Here is a prayer you may be looking for and desiring to pray...

2. Mortgage Foreclosure

Lord I am facing the possibility of foreclosure of my house, in the coming months and this is quite a shock to me - to realise that however hard I have tried to keep my head above water, it was never good enough..

Lord I realise that I have been striving in my own strength to supply all my needs according to my riches and for my glory – and not for the honour of Your name… so that others would regard me as a model citizen. But Lord, I recognise that there is pride in my heart, for I tried to live my life in my own strength, without casting all my cares on You and trusting You to supply all my needs, as You have promised.

Forgive me Lord, and look down on my situation in pity I pray. I ask that in some wonderful way You would reverse the order and enable me to comply with the arrears that I have accrued – so that the tables are turned on this frightening possibility.

Father I want to get out of financial debt – but Lord I am beginning to understand that unless my relationship is right with You I will always be struggling to supply my own needs instead of resting my heart in You. Lord at this point in time I do not know what to do – but I lay my predicament before You – praying that in Your grace You would save me from this forthcoming foreclosures – in Jesus name I pray, Amen.


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