1. Having A Spiritual Father

a) People are seeking for spiritual parental coverings. They want the spiritual coverings from someone who is anointed of God, someone who can provide spiritual directions, and someone who cares for their spiritual well-being.

b) On Father's Day (19.06.2022), I received a text message:

"Happy Father's Day" dear Tanny! I am blessed to have you as a spiritual father in my life.

c) Then, I remembered that my wife and I went for mission trips to Wuhan, China. There, I noticed some local pastors from house churches were seeking for spiritual parental coverings. They were so eager looking for spiritual parents.

d) Here are some questions about having a spiritual father:

@1. What is a spiritual father?

i) A spiritual father is essentially a 'charismatic' and prophetic figure, accredited for his task by the direct action of the Holy Spirit. He is ordained, not by the hand of man, but by the hand of God.

@2. What is the benefit of a spiritual father?

i)  A spiritual Father carries the heart of the Heavenly Father within him. He loves and cares for his spiritual children, through the heavenly expression of God's love and care. He begets them spiritually, provides mentorship, spiritual covering, guidance, spiritual parenting and oversight.

@3. What is the difference between mentor and spiritual father?

i) The most significant difference between a mentor and a spiritual father is that a mentor, generally speaking, guides the mentee through a particular phase of life. A spiritual father focuses on the spiritual enrichment and development of the “child” through their life and has a closer relationship.

@4. Can you have more than one spiritual father?

i) We all have earthly fathers; we also have one of two spiritual fathers. We are not able to choose who will be our earthly father, but we do have a choice of which one will be our spiritual father.

@5. How do I treat my spiritual father?

i) Don't expect your spiritual father to be an angel - he is human after all. Forgive his mistakes, once they are not blatant sins and errors. Take good care of your father in cash and kind. Visit, relate and spend time with your father as much as possible.

6. Was Apostle Paul a spiritual father?

i) Apostle Paul was a spiritual father to Timothy and Titus, as well as others who were born again under his ministry. “For though ye have ten thousand instructors in Christ, yet have ye not many fathers: for in Christ Jesus I have begotten you through the gospel.” (1 Corinthians 4:15)

e) Would someone come to you looking for spiritual parental coverings? It would take more than just be a nominal Christian!