1. King Of Glory Movie

a) King of Glory movie takes you on an intense ride through the Scriptures of the prophets as it chronologically and accurately unfolds their story and message in a way that makes sense.

b) This 15-episode visualization of the world's best seller (the Bible) is about the Creator-Owner of the universe and His plan to rescue His rebel subjects from the kingdom of darkness and qualify them to live with Him forever in His kingdom of light.

c) With its thought-provoking narrative and inspired mix of motion-graphics, animation, and live video, this film is for a worldwide audience of all ages.

1. Prologue (June 23)

2. The Creator & His Creation (June 24)

3. Evil's Entrance (June 25)

4. Sin's Curse & God's Promise (June 26)

5. The Way of the Sacrifice (June 27)

6. Man's Rebellion & God's Faithfulness (June 28)

7. God's Plan Advances (June 29)

8. The Law & the Prophets (June 30)

9. The King's Entrance (July 1)

10. The King's Character (July 2)

11. The King's Dominion (July 3)

12. The King's Mission (July 4)

13. The King's Submission (July 5)

14. The King's Sacrifice & Triumph (July 6)

15. The King’s Gospel & Glory (July 7)

(Click the link for episode 1)