(Message by Tanny Keng)

0. Introduction

a) Timeline. This puts the Bible book into its historical setting. It lists the key events of each book and the date when they occurred.

b) The Book of Jeremiah.

1. Date: 640 B.C. 

a) Zephaniah becomes a prophet. 

2. Date: 627 

a) Jeremiah becomes a prophet.

3. Date: 612

a) Habakkuk becomes a prophet. 

4. Date: 609

a) King Josiah killed in battle. 

5. Date: 605

a) Daniel taken captive. 

6. Date: 597

a) Ezekiel taken captive. 

7. Date: 593

a) Ezekiel begins to prophesy in Babylonia.

8. Date: 586

a) Judah falls; Jerusalem destroyed; Jeremiah's ministry ends. 

9. Date: 538

a) First exiles return to Judah.

The End ...


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