(Message by Tanny Keng)

0. Introduction

a) Timeline. This puts the Bible book into its historical setting. It lists the key events of each book and the date when they occurred.

b) The Book of Isaiah.

1. Date: 760 B.C. 

a) Amos becomes a prophet.

2. Date: 753

a) Hosea becomes a prophet. 

3. Date: 742

a) Micah becomes a prophet. 

4. Date: 740 

a) Isaiah becomes a prophet. 

5. Date: 735

a) Ahaz becomes king of Judah.

6. Date: 732

a) Hoshea becomes king of Israel.

7. Date: 722

a) Israel falls to the Assyrians. 

8. Date: 715 

a) Hezekiah becomes king of Judah. 

9. Date: 701

a) Sennacherib surrounds Jerusalem. 

10. Date: 697

a) Manasseh becomes king of Judah. 

11. Date: 681

a) Isaiah's ministry ends. 

12. Date: 640

a) Josiah becomes king of Judah.

The End ...


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