1. Introduction

a) The Bible is full of wonderful stories and special truth. What we want to do is to discover the Bible.  

b) Psalm 119:11 says, "Your word I have hidden in my heart, that I might not sin against You." 

c) Nurture and grow your understanding of the Bible as you read and discover the Bible. 

2. Outline:

a) Elimelech migrate to Moab - Ruth 1:1-5.

b) Family faces Crisis - Ruth 1:6-21.

c) Naomi returns to Bethlehem - Ruth 1:22.

d) Ruth meets Boaz - Ruth 2:1-23.

e) Ruth and Naomi trust Boaz to be their Kinsman-Redeemer - Ruth 3:1-18.

f) Boaz and Ruth - Ruth 4:1-12.

g) Their Son, Obed - Ruth 4:13-16.

h) Ruth's part in David's Genealogy - Ruth 4:17-22.

3. Major Places in Order:

a) Bethlehem, Moab, Bethlehem.

4. Major People in Order:

a) Elimilech, Naomi, Ruth, Boaz.

5. Amount of Time Covered:

a) Approximately 10 years

6. Meaning:

a) Bethlehem - "House of Bread and Praise."

b) Elimelech - "My God is King."

c) Naomi - "Pleasant."

d) Mahlon and Chilion - "Sick" and "Pining."

e) Orphah - "Fawn."

f) Ruth - "Friendship."

g) Boaz - "Fleetness."

h) Obed - "The Serving One."