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1. Blog Analytics

a) "MY TREASURE BOX" was first launched on 17.02.2013. 

b) The collection of statistical data in the year 2015 was to ascertain the traffic flow of viewers worldwide. In addition, we use a Flag Counter to give us the data of countries (and / or locations from home countries) visiting our blog. Visual representation of flags from various countries are collected and displaced in a world map at all time.

c) The main purpose is to ascertain how active is the traffic flow of viewers in relation to lapse of time.

2. Traffic Flow Of Viewers Worldwide

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(Note: A page-view is each time a visitor views a page on a website, regardless of how many hits are generated. Pages are comprised of files. Every image in a page is a separate file. When a visitor looks at a page (a page-view), they may see numerous images, graphics, pictures etc. and generate multiple hits.)

3. Collection Of Flags From Over 140 Visitors' Countries And / Or Locations (Including Asia/Pacific Region and European Union)

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4. Share

a) If you have been encouraged and blessed by information in our blog, we urge you to share it and re-share ... Keep on sharing. It's absolutely FREE! All for the glory of God, our Savior Lord Jesus Christ!

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